Tatay's Gift

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Hardcover Children's Book
Size - 6"x 9"
Printing - Full-color offset
Cover Paper Finish- Matte Lamination
Inside Paper - 85 Lb Uncoated, text
Binding - Case Bound

ISBN 978-0-692-21146-5

In Tatay’s Gift we get to join a young Filipino boy as he goes out to work each day with his Tatay (Tatay is the Tagalog word for dad). The boy and his Tatay do a different job each day of the week, from selling popsicles by the beach to driving a Jeepney through the city. As they work, he learns the lesson of serving and giving to others by watching his Tatay everyday. This vibrant, and colorfully illustrated book is based on stories from Brad’s time spent in the Philippines and the wonderful people he met there. Tatay’s Gift not only celebrates the hardworking, loving, kind, and giving attitudes of the Filipino people, but it also teaches the valuable lesson of giving back to to your community and helping those in need.

Written by: Krystal Woodard
Illustrated by: Brad Woodard

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